Dog’s Best (and sometimes unlikely) Friends

They say dog is man’s best friend but who is the dog’s best friend? Well there have been plenty of cute stories out there about dogs becoming best friends with dolphins, owls, fish and even elephants! These canine-animal bonds might seem odd to us but are often unbreakable to the animals that have forged them. Friendship is defined as “a relationship between two people who hold mutual affection for each other.” However, the connection that some of the animals below possess with each other may go much further than just mutual affection. Some of these amazing bonds are lifelong commitments that truly inspire.

In 2008, a piglet was born weighing less than a pound and could not open its eyes. Seeing that the pigs hope for survival was slim, the owner, Johanna Kerby, took the piglet to her dachshund dog that had just given birth to puppies a little while before. Well, the rest as they say is history. The dachshund, Tink loved the little pig and accepted him immediately, even licking the piglet all over to clean him!

The pig was lovingly adopted into the Dachshund family and nursed to health by his new canine mother; he never chose to return to his pig family. His brothers are now canine and that’s how it will stay. To read more about Tink and her piglet, visit Piglet and dachshund .

Another well known story of unique animal friendship is the story of an elephant named Tarra and a dog named Bella. While it is common for elephants to seek out a partner, mate or friend to spend their life with, it is not as common for them to select a dog! “Bella knows she’s not an elephant. Tarra knows she’s not a dog,” says elephant sanctuary co-founder, Carol Buckley says. “But that’s not a problem for them.” These two are inseparable; they eat together, sleep together and play together (maybe we should send them an extra large Hol-ee Roller toy, they would have a blast). Their difference in size doesn’t even seem to bother Tarra or Bella, they have it all worked out! If you want to learn more about these two head on over to Tarra and Bella.

A story that may hit close to home for many of you is that of the blind dog, Cashew and her “seeing eye cat,” Libby.  These 2 lived together for most of their lives with little interaction until Cashew turned 12 and began to lose her eyesight; suddenly Libby stepped in to help. It was Libby who helped to guide Cashew to her should eat, sleep and play areas. It’s as if Libby knew that Cashew needed the help and who better to help the family dog than the family house cat? According to their owner, Terry Burns, “They only got closer and closer as time went on.” Now this cat deserves a reward; maybe some JW Cataction Cat Toys! What fun she would have with our Rattle Ball, perfect for paw-swatting fun and it has noise so Cashew will always know where she is!

So is it common for dogs to form bonds with animals that are different species? “Given the right set of circumstances, and the right animals, they can form close and lasting relationships,” says John Wright, Ph.D., a certified applied animal behaviorist and professor of psychology at Mercer University in Macon, GA. Wright goes on to say that “even unlikely animal friendships can endure if both animals belong to a social species”. Well that is certainly the case with the animals in the book Unlikely Friendships. This book by Jennifer S. Holland is a wonderful compilation of stories and photos of animals with unlikely friends. It will truly warm your heart.

To hear more about these special animal relationships go to .

Do you have pets that are friends and are different species? What is the most unusual animal relationship that you have seen?

Why you and your dog may be more alike than you think

Image by Lee Nachtigal

New research shows that the breed of dog that we have can tell us a lot about our own personalities. For example are you the strong-willed, committed owner of a bulldog? Or maybe you are a carefree, spontaneous pit-bull lover? Many have wondered…what does your dog’s breed say about YOU? Well, Cesar’s Way Magazine  released a great article that will tell you just that! Check out some of the breeds’ characteristics below and see if any of them sound like you.

Are you the proud owner of a Beagle? Well according to Cesar’s Way, “Owners of Beagles tend to be open to new experiences, curious, and willful. Beagle owners make great friends and bring laughter and joy to everyone’s lives. They can also have a mischievous side.” For curious dogs like the Beagle that love to learn new things the JW Rockin’ Treat Ball  is a perfect match! This Rockin’ and Rollin’ toy combined with your dog’s favorite treat is a perfect way to ensure that an inquisitive mind is being entertained and challenged.

For all you mixed breed, mutt lovers out there, you tend to be fun-loving, carefree and open-minded. You “enjoy coasting along and riding the wave of life over following strict and rigid plans.” Says Nicole Pajer from Cesar’s Way. “In their spare time, mutt owners are often seen volunteering at or spending time with their diverse group of friends.” Your mutt can play into their fun loving side with any of JW’s squeaky rubber dog toys. A sure-to-please classic, the iSqueak Ball is the perfect fit.  What mixed breed canine wouldn’t love this squeaky, durable, bouncy, all-in-one ball?!

Is your dog a Labrador or Golden Retriever? Well then chances are you are friendly, good-natured and are somewhat of a social butterfly! Since these dogs are known to be great family pets, there owners are usually caring and tend to put others first. Loving dogs like this deserve a special JW toy! The Treat Pods  would be perfect for this breed; they can enjoy the reward of working the treats out of their pods while also spending quality time with the family. A nice quiet learning toy to keep dogs busy and still participate in family time!

Don’t see your breed listed above? Check out more about what your dogs breed says about you in the article from Cesar’s Way.  Comment below and let us know what breed you have-do you think you and your dog have similar personality traits?