Lights! Camera! Pet Fashion!

Dressing your dog up for Halloween has become a pretty popular trend today. Owners have dressed their dog as a super hero, a ballerina and even a police officer! But the fashion fun for a furry friend doesn’t end after Halloween! Fashion forward dog owners are constantly on top of the hottest trends in fashion. Year round attention is paid to the new looks not only for themselves but for their pet as well!

image by AnnrKiszt

This dog is dashing in his tux! In this outfit he is fit to go to a wedding, ball or even meet the queen!


image by sneakerdog

These two pups are wrapped in soft, cuddly fabrics, and of course- on trend in leopard print!


image by Frank Kovalchek

 And finally, these working dogs have a more practical and functional approach to fashion…warmth! Although neon is very in this season as well 🙂

 All kidding aside though, dressing your dog up in these winter months can be good for them, especially if you live in a cold area that gets snowfall each year. Websites like All Dog Boots features a variety of different footwear for your dog.  Booties range from furry and warm to water-resistant, these doggie shoes can help keep paws warm and protected from ice, salt and the harsh elements of winter.

And while boots can keep your dogs feet a little warmer this winter, sweaters and coats can help keep their bodies warm too! Finding warm outerwear for your dog can be easy. Petco and PetSmart both carry a wide range of sweaters, coats and even t-shirts for your dog. While you are there, you should also pick up your dog’s favorite JW Pet toy! It’s never too early to stock up for Christmas!

So, TELL US….what are some of your favorite doggie fashion accessories?

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