Pet Charities- How can you & Fido help?

While many of us like to lend our time to worthy causes, and for us pet people it is all the more rewarding if we can find ways to get Fido involved as well. There are actually many charity events and causes that you and your dog can participate in together! From doggie and me fashion shows to walk in the park events there is much to choose from. By including your faithful companion you are not only getting out and supporting your favorite cause but your furry friend is also getting in his daily walk and some healthy social interaction! A rewarding day all around! has a great listing of races that you can do with your dog. This listing includes races from all over the US and for all different types of causes. While all of these don’t support canine-related causes, there are many events that your dog is sure to be welcome at. For the outdoorsy action lovers try out the All Star Dog Run Santa Cruz 5K-10K in Santa Cruz, California. You can run with your dog through the Redwoods with a mix of pavement and fire roads! This race really mixes things up with a great location, beautiful scenery and of course the most important part, the proceeds support the Morris Animal Foundation’s animal health studies.

Are you an animal lover and a wine coinsure? For a dose of canine culture try the Hair of the Dog 5K is the race for you! Their goals:

  • To provide a nice family event that is pet friendly but professional.
  • To raise awareness of the needs of homeless pets.
  • To promote spay/neuter of pets.
  • To raise money to help support our goals.

Oh, and with your registration you will receive a free wine glass that includes a free tasting at the winery! What a great way to celebrate after you have completed your run with your pet! 

If you are not the outdoorsy type how about a fun fashion event for you and your pet to participate in together? Doggie Fashion shows are hosted across the country by various organizations. This is a wonderful way to incorporate your pet, enjoy a fun night out and support your favorite animal charity all at the same time! You could even help to plan one in a city near you! Check out this page for tips and ideas on how to create an event that will really showcase your love of animals

The JW Pet team loves to participate in events that help to support our animal community and we also make it a point to donate product too many animal charity organizations. Wags N Walks, Rock & Rawhide, MSPCA, IAADP, countless shelters, rescue groups and doggie parks across the country. The list is endless and there is always an animal in need so go out and help by supporting your favorite pet charity today!

Please share with us some of YOUR favorites…


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